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From the Desk of Superintendent Belfield: : To: LaFayette Central School District Community From: Jeremy Belfield, Superintendent of Schools RE: From the Desk of the Superintendent - week ending July 14, 2017 Date: July 14, 2017 Update on the Onondaga Nation School   The district met with representatives from the Onondaga Nation on Monday July 10, 2017. At this meeting, the district shared that it was aware that the Onondaga Nation desires to have greater say and more control over the operation of the Onondaga Nation School. Additionally, the Nation has expressed a desire for either another school district or some other entity to serve the Onondaga Nation School. This would entail LaFayette Central School District ending the contract with the New York State Education Department ... more >>
Statement from retired Superintendent Lavine: : To the LaFayette School District Community, The New York Times recently spent a day on the Onondaga Nation interviewing a number of people.  Below is a question that was asked of me via email, followed by my response, the majority of which was not included in the story.   Laura Lavine     In general many of the people I've interviewed feel that you have not been responsive over the years to concerns or wishes of the Nation's leadership, and that the district has not consulted with the Nation, as they say under the district's contract with the state that it is supposed to, about important decisions. Can you respond to this?        During the past three years, I have participated in numerous meetings ... more >>
The LaFayette Board of Education: : The Board of Education of the Lafayette Central School District is aware of the concerns that have been expressed by various members of the School District community, and, in particular, those of the Onondaga Nation related to the leadership position at the Onondaga Nation School.  It has been brought to the Board’s attention that certain incorrect information has been spread throughout the community, and for that reason, the Board of Education wishes to clarify the facts regarding the hiring of a principal for the Onondaga Nation School. The Board of Education has the interest of all of its students and staff in mind when it ensures that qualified building leaders are hired for all of its schools. Candidates go through a rigorous screening and interview process to ensure that ... more >>
Last Week of School for Students at Grimshaw: : Grimshaw students will attend school for  full   days  on Monday, June 19, through Wednesday, June 21.   Grimshaw students will attend school for  half days  on Thursday, June 22, and Friday, June 23. more >>
Important Message: : This morning, the president of the LaFayette Central School District Board of Education received a letter from the Onondaga Nation, informing the School District that the Nation Council of Chiefs has decided that its children’s last day of school will be today, June 16, 2017.  Nation members thereafter arrived at the Onondaga Nation School and withdrew their children from school. District staff will continue to report to the Onondaga Nation School ready for the important job of educating the students who attend.  more >>
District mourns loss of community member: : Members of the LaFayette Central School District community are grieving the loss of a LaFayette parent and two family members who were known and loved by students and staff members. On June 13, Jamie Bell, 34, died as the result of an automobile accident. The accident also claimed the lives of Jamie’s relatives, Melissa Avery, 26 and Maryssa F. Houston, 5, who were also LaFayette residents. LaFayette CSD provided transportation to Maryssa who attended school at Syracuse Academy of Science. The district’s crisis team is in place to work with students and staff members to help them deal with their grief.  Counselors are at Big Picture for those who want their support. Staff and parents/guardians are also invited to contact school counselors for advice ... more >>
Emergency Release Drill Early Dismissal¬†Friday, June 9, 2017: : Our Pre-K-12 students will be released from school fifteen minutes early tomorrow, Friday, June 9, as part of our requirements for Emergency Release Drills.  We ask that you plan accordingly. more >>
June 2017 Green Sheet Newsletter: : The June Green Sheet has arrived! Please clich Here to read all the exciting things we have going on in the District, or click on the "Green Sheet" logo on the District home page.  more >>
District's Financial Outlook Continues to Improve: : District’s financial outlook continues to improve   As the 2016-17 school year draws to a close, LaFayette Central School District administrators and Board of Education members are reflecting on the district’s recent fiscal strides.   This year, the district’s annual school budget vote, which was put in front of voters in May, had an 85 percent passing rate – possibly the highest in the district’s history-– and in January the district was removed from the New York State Comptroller’s fiscal stress list.   “These are great district achievements,” said LaFayette CSD Superintendent Laura Lavine. “This is the the result of sound financial planning and outstanding collaboration ... more >>
Letter from The LaFayette Board of Education: : The LaFayette Central School District recognizes the concerns of the Onondaga Nation and remains committed to ongoing cooperation, collaboration and respectful dialogue in its operation of the Onondaga Nation School.  The Onondaga Nation's active participation in the Onondaga Nation School is a testament to its commitment to the future of its community and our students.   The Board of Education welcomes input from all community members, including the Onondaga Nation, in budgetary, hiring and curricula-related matters.  We encourage civic engagement in these important dialogues for our students and community.  Active communication between the Board of Education and members of the public, including the Onondaga Nation, is vital to ensuring the representation of numerous ... more >>
Important Notice: : Because we anticipate more people than usual in attendance at tonight's Board of Education meeting, the meeting is being relocated to the Jr./Sr. High School auditorium.  The reception for Mr. Warren Smith will begin at 5:30p and the Board of Education meeting will begin at 6p. more >>
You Are Invited: : The LaFayette Board of Education is pleased to announce its appointment of Mr. Warren Smith as the next principal of the Onondaga Nation School effective July 1, 2017. Mr. Smith is an Assistant Principal in the Fayetteville-Manlius School District.  He is certified as a School Building Leader, School District Leader and teacher of 7-12 Mathematics.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Geography (Environmental Science) at West Point, his Certificate of Advance Studies in School Leadership at Syracuse University, and is completing his second Master's degree.   Mr. Smith was one of approximately twenty applicants in a search led by Dr. Lucy Martin.  He and six other candidates were interviewed by the search committee consisting of nearly twenty people.  One ... more >>
Message from Superintendent Lavine: : On behalf of the LaFayette Central School District community, I thank everyone for the May 16th successful vote approving a budget of $18,735,315.  With 196 "yes" votes and 34 "no" votes, our passing rate of approximately 85% is the highest we have had in close to twenty years and among the highest in the Central New York area.  This is the result of sound fiscal planning and of collaboration among the Board of Education, administration and staff including our Community Budget Committee. It is this type of cooperation that positions our students well for life after high school and future success.      Congratulations go to new/re-elected Board of Education members Jody Gates, Janine LeBlanc, Ronald Shawn Reyburn and Tom Scofield.  Dedication ... more >>
LaFayette voters approve $18.7 million budget, elect board members: : On May 17, LaFayette Central School District voters approved the district’s $18.7 million 2017-18 budget proposal, elected four board of education members and approved two propositions. Voters approved: An $18,735,315 budget for the 2017-18 school year that increases spending 3.16 percent and carries a 1.97 percent tax levy increase: 196 yes, 34 no; Purchasing one new 42-passenger handicap-accessible school bus and one new 66-passenger school bus at a total cost not to exceed $247,000: 201 yes, 29 no; Renovations and improvements to LaFayette Junior/Senior High School, Grimshaw Elementary School and the District Office/Bus Garage including site improvements, original furnishings, fixtures and equipment, architectural fees at a total estimated cost not ... more >>
LaFayette students warned about drunk driving dangers: : As many local high school students prepare for prom night, students in the LaFayette school district are getting a firsthand look at the dangers of drunk driving. The national “Save A Life Tour” brought their impaired driving simulator to the high school on Friday. It shows them the potential consequences of drinking and driving. “We're really just getting the students thinking what if tomorrow night prom night was their last night out and around because of the decision everybody makes a lot of people drink at prom,” said Save A Life Tour Road Manager Devon Watson. “I hope it will show them that it’s not cool it’s scary and it happens really fast and I'm glad that we did this because instead of somebody dying we know right now,” ... more >>
LaFayette residents to vote on budget proposal May 16: : On May 16, LaFayette Central School District residents will head to the polls and vote on a school district budget that supports and expands instructional programs, introduces new technology initiatives, and enhances safety and security measures. The LaFayette CSD Board of Education on April 13 adopted a proposed $18.7 million budget that increases spending $573,169, or 3.16 percent, compared to the 2016-17 school year. The proposal carries a tax levy of 1.97 percent, or $112,856. Thanks to continuing sound fiscal planning, this is approximately 3% below the allowed cap. The proposal maintains existing academic programs in each of the district’s four buildings and supports elective and online courses for LaFayette Junior/Senior High School students. It also calls ... more >>
May 2017 Green Sheet Newsletter: : The May Green Sheet has arrived! Please click Here to read all the exciting things we have going on in the District, or click on the "Green Sheet" logo on the District home page.  more >>
Big Picture School student hosting free soccer clinic: : As part of his Big Picture School coursework, LaFayette Central School District student Joshua Jewitt is offering a free soccer clinic for the district’s second through sixth-grade students. The JJ Soccer Clinic will be held 6-7:30 p.m. Friday, May 19 and 1-4:30 p.m. Saturday, May 20 at Stafford Park, which is located behind the True Value hardware store in LaFayette.  The two-day clinic will focus on fundamental soccer skills and feature tips from SUNY Morrisville men’s soccer coach Kyle Graves. Registration is available online and 5:15-5:45 p.m. Friday, May 19. Participants can purchase a t-shirt (optional) for $12; the clinic is free.   Clinic Agenda Friday, May 19 (6-7:30 p.m.) 5:30 - 6 p.m.  - ... more >>
Dear Parents and Guardians: : Dear Parents and Guardians:   The safety, health, and social/emotional well-being of students are top priorities within LaFayette Central School District. For this reason, the district feels it is imperative to make parents and guardians aware of the controversial and trending Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.   The show, which is based on a fictional novel for young adults, tells the story of a 17-year-old girl who takes her own life.  In the series, the girl leaves behind audio recordings for thirteen people who she says in some way were part of why she killed herself. It is raising concerns from suicide prevention experts because it glamorizes the idea of suicide and could lead to an increase in copycat behavior and self-harm among vulnerable students. ... more >>
Important Message from Superintendent Lavine: : This morning, Monday, May 8, a Jr./Sr. High School student reported being approached and asked questions by a suspicious looking-male as our student approached our bus stop.  The student reported the event to school officials who then contacted the student's parents, the Onondaga County Sheriff's department and the New York State Police. Our School Security Officer found the individual down the road and collaborated with the State Police in getting the individual picked up removed from the area.  We don't anticipate the person returning to our school community.  If there is a recurring concern, I will be back in touch with you.  Thank you.  more >>

Next >>       Viewing 1 - 20 of 88 stories

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