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Teacher's name Job description Email Web site
Ona Amidon 3rd Grade Teacher email Home page
Courtney Amidon 4th Grade Teacher email Home page
Eliza Bailey Reading Teacher email Home page
Rosalie Bartolomeo Occupational Therapist email Home page
Willie Bennett Teaching Assistant/SYSOP email Home page
Jen Blossey Elementary School Principal email
Alison Bristol Special Education email
Renate Brunner TA email
Paula Bush School Nurse email
Nancy Casselbury Teaching Assistant email
Lisa Chapman Kindergarten Teacher email
Kelly Cook Music Teacher email
Kelly Davidson 1st Grade Teacher email
Nadine Drexler 6th Grade Teacher email Home page
Carrie Finn Occupational Therapist email
Gwen Fosdick Instrumental Teacher email Home page
Nancy Foster Teaching Assistant email
Terri Fredenburg Teaching Assistant email
Kristen Geloff 4th Grade Teacher email Home page
Patrick Gray School Psychologist Intern email Home page
GAPS Grimshaw GAPS email Home page
Teresa Hoy Teaching Assistant/Reading Room email Home page
Nicole Hutson Special Education Teacher email
Kate Jugan 5th Grade Teacher email Home page
Patricia Kenney 3rd Grade Teacher email Home page
Tina Knapp Teaching Assistant email
Tom LaRose Physical Education Teacher email
Mary Ellen Long Kindergarten Teacher email
Michael Mahoney 5th Grade Teacher email
Sandra Markley 5th Grade Teacher email
Kristin McClary Kindergarten Teacher email
Jennifer McDonald Library Media Specialist email Home page
Eileen McEntee Teaching Assistant email
Kasey McHale District Secretary/Registrar/Webmaster email Home page
Karin McMahon 3rd Grade Teacher email
Teresa Miller Gr. 2/3 Spec. Ed. Teacher email Home page
Lori Mucha Speech Pathologist email
Nancy Nicholson Pre-Kindergarten Teacher email
Beverly Oliver LaFayette After School Program email
Cheryl Polinsky Physical Education Teacher email Home page
Jenni Prentice 6th Grade Teacher email Home page
Matt Priest 6th Grade Teacher email Home page
Kristen Reardon Special Education Teacher email
Amanda Reppi Art Teacher email
Bob Risavi School Social Worker email
Melanie Saba 4th Grade Teacher email
Judy Shute Teaching Assistant email
Jana Silvestro 2nd Grade Teacher email
Kelly Szrama Special Education Teacher email
Melissa Terrell 1st Grade Teacher email Home page
Patrick Wilson AIS Math email
Colleen Woodworth Reading Specialist email Home page
Megan Zehner 1st Grade Teacher email

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LaFayette Central School District
Laura Lavine, Superintendent

5955 Route 20 West
LaFayette, NY 13084
Phone: 315-677-9728
315-677-3372 FAX

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