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Onondaga Nation School
Diane Ellsworth, Principal
Route 11A, RR#51
Box 270
Nedrow, NY 13120
p: 315-469-6991
f: 315-469-0994
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School News
100th day video: Pre-K through 3rd grade celebrated the 100th day of school on March 6th. The students and staff all enjoyed the day. There were several different activities that incorporated the number 100.      We read a 100 day book, heard a 100 day rap, we watched a 100 day video, we skip counted to 100 by 5's, 10's and 1's and counted to 100 by 1's in Onondaga. The students all proudly shared their 100 items they brought in from home. We ended the celebration with cupcakes that formed the number in 100. Fun was had by all and we are excited to go forward and learn during the next part of the year!                                                 ... more >>
Pi Day: The 7 th  and 8 th  grade students at ONS celebrated Pi Day with a variety of fun, math-related activities.    First, they learned about the history and uses of Pi. Then, students measured the diameter and circumference of different round foods such as pizza, bagels, pineapple upside-down cake, cookies, and of course, PIE!   Through their calculations, they discovered that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of any circle is approximately 3.14, or  π  .    Students also made a Pi Chain with a different colored links to represent each digit of Pi, and went on a Pi Scavenger Hunt to find their birthdays, phone numbers, etc. within the digits of Pi. It was a day filled with math fun and Pi more >>
Snowsnake: Gahwéñhda’ (Snowsnake) returns to ONS March 5, 2015 Onondaga Nation- Winter has decided to make it s mark on our memory this year with lots of sub zero temperatures and many snow days.  It was so cold that our annual community give has been postponed to later in March.  But with the deep snow and cold temps has created ideal snowsnake conditions. “The kids have been asking when we were going to have Snow snake this year,” said Brad Powless the culture teacher at the school.  “They’ve been seeing all of that snow and have been just itching to play.” Snowsnake is a traditional Haudenosaunee game where men try to throw thinly carved sticks down a track of snow the furthest.  Shannon ... more >>

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Academic Fair
 Academic Fair will take place on May 13

May Schedule
May 13 Academic Fair
May 21 Half day students
May 22 No School


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LaFayette Central School District
Laura Lavine, Superintendent

5955 Route 20 West
LaFayette, NY 13084
Phone: 315-677-9728
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